The QiqoChat Affiliate Program

The QiqoChat Affiliate Program

Our goal is to deliver highly engaging live events so that participants spread the word about QiqoChat to their colleagues and friends.  The best way to learn about Qiqo is to experience the surprising level of collaboration that is possible during these live events; that’s what gets participants excited and makes them want to become paying customers to host their own circles and events.

If you enjoy using Qiqo, you may want to consider joining the QiqoChat team by becoming an affiliate.  The advantage is that you earn money each time a participant in one of your events becomes a QiqoChat customer.

Once approved, you will receive 10% of the direct sales of anyone you refer, and this lasts for the entire first year that they are a QiqoChat customer.  We see this as a win-win: we get help spreading the word and you get paid–it’s that simple.

Here is the link to apply.  

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