Live Video Events w/ Breakouts, Notes, & Screensharing


Members of your circle can connect through live audio & video events using Zoom, one of the leaders in live meetings.

Qiqo Event Screenshot
An example live event with breakout rooms on the left and a notes document on the right.

How Is It Different?

Qiqo makes it easy to create breakout rooms during your live events.  Each breakout room has video chat and notes document that everyone can edit.  All live events show up on the calendar for your circle.

Quick Start Guide

Once you have created a circle, go to the main menu at the top and select “Events”.  From there click “Add Event” and fill out the form to post your event to the calendar.

Optional Features

When you click “Edit” for your event, you will see the following options:

  • Adding background photos to your breakout spaces
  • Setting the number of breakout tables
  • Adding titles for each breakout table
  • Showing/hiding the notes by default
  • Adding a link to an event that’s not happening on Qiqo
  • Adding/removing your event from the circle’s calendar
  • Adding a Google Doc (or other 3rd party collaborative tool that you use) to each
  • breakout space
  • Renaming the tables
  • Letting any participant serve as the host of the Zoom chat
  • Enabling the Zoom chat window
  • Charging a fee for members to participate
  • Setting a password for members to participate
  • Setting a max number of participants
  • Naming the host of an event

When hosting your event, you can click “Admin Controls” to see the options in the screenshot below.

  • You can join the Zoom video session as the host, which gives you additional capability such as recording the event and muting participants.
  • You’ll also see a button to post topics for individual breakout spaces, send a notification to all spaces, and view all notes one one page.
Here are the admin controls for a Qiqo event.

Tips & Tricks

Everyone shows up in the main room.  If participants have already broken out into breakout groups, remain in the main room to welcome newcomers and get them pointed in the right direction.

You can event anything from a 1-hour session to an entire multi-day online conference by using the “Open Space” format.  Here is an in-depth blog post about how to use the “Open Space” event format on QiqoChat.

More Info

Here is the Qiqo User Guide.