Email Notifications on Qiqo

Email Notifications on Qiqo

Email is a powerful way to stay updated on QiqoChat and many other collaboration websites.  However we all know that email notifications can also be overwhelming if the feature is not implemented well.  In this blog post we’ll discuss what’s possible with email notifications on QiqoChat so you can make it work for you.

You’ll see many options below, but in practice it’s not overwhelming.  In an active circle a member can expect to receive a few emails per week by default: the weekly email newsletter and a daily summary of new topics posted in the main conversation.

Weekly Email Newsletter: By default, all members of your circle will receive the weekly newsletter which lets each member share one link per week with everyone else.  This newsletter also contains a list of the upcoming live video events in your circle for the next three weeks.  It is easy to opt-out of that newsletter with one click or from the newsletter page in your circle (see the menu at the top of your circle’s page if your circle’s newsletter is turned on).

The weekly newsletter is a simple yet powerful complement to the live video sessions.  We recommend focusing on these two features whenever you start a new circle.

Immediate/Hourly/Daily Email Notifications: At the top of your circle, you will see a link to “Notifications”.  Click on that to set your preferences to subscribe to email notifications when new items (events, conversations, articles, files, etc) are added to your circle by other members.  You can choose whether you want an immediate, hourly, or daily email notification.  You can change your settings at any time or even turn off an email notification with one click when you receive it.

Personal Email Updates: In your dashboard, you can change your settings for the default notifications such as when someone comments on your comment or answers your question.

Member-to-Member Email Communication:  Members who have confirmed their email address can send a direct message to other members by clicking on that other member’s profile and looking for the “Email” button.  That second member will be able to reply directly by email to that first member.  We want to put you in touch and get out of your way so you can choose how you’d like to collaborate with each other.

Email Communication from Group Administrators: Each circle can have up to 6 co-hosts/administrators.  These admins can send a message to all circle members by clicking “Files & More” in the main menu and looking for “Email All Members”.

Written Conversations: At the top of your circle, you will see “Conversations” in the menu (if your circle administrator has turned this feature on).  A written “conversation” on Qiqo is similar to a discussion forum or email discussion list.  Anyone can start a new conversation, and a conversation usually has 3-7 “conversation starters”.  These are statements or questions to help get the conversation going.  The conversation starters also provide structure by letting people explore different branches (subtopics) of the conversation in parallel.

Each circle also has one primary conversation which is marked as the “Main Conversation for this Circle”.  By default everyone receives a daily email summary of new top-level items/topics posted to this conversation.  If someone wants to subscribe to a topic, they can do that from the email they receive so that they will continue to stay updated as new responses on that topic branch of the conversation roll in.  Otherwise, the member will not see another topic on that branch again; we do this to help keep everyone’s email volume down.

If “Live Café” is turned on for your circle, you’ll see it at the top left of the main menu for your circle.  This is the place where members can go to have live phone/video conversations that are unscheduled.  You can think about it as a café where anyone can drop in at anytime.  You will also see the main written conversation for your circle (mentioned in the previous paragraph) in the Live Café.

Summary: There many tools on Qiqo, and some will be more helpful for your circle than others.  We recommend starting with a few (live video events and the newsletter, for example) and then adding more as time goes on.  Email helps each of these tools be used to their fullest potential.  Have feedback or suggestions?  Please get in touch or write a comment below!